Welcome to Juliette Goddard's website

"Juliette Goddard is a staggeringly
talented artist and will take to Berlin
like a duck's back"
- Frank Whitford, Sunday Times Art Critic

Juliette paintings are drawn from her inspirations of vibrant expressionism and the Imagery of African art. She grew up in East Africa Tanzania where early childhood memories made vivid impressions on her mind. The animals on Safari and journeys up the Nile explored the arid landscapes and the tribes of people throughout the Game parks and nature reserves. The work takes its ideas from Africa with a strong emotional expressionist feel in colours, the recent work exploring the memories of journeys throughout the Green jungle and bush the crocodiles, snakes, monkeys form a colourful years of play with Chameleons house boys and hot desert afternoons roaming the grounds of the estate where they lived in Dodoma.